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Our company was born and bred in the rolling green hills of Kentucky.  We love the fertile soil, warm sunshine and nourishing rain of our beautiful Bluegrass State.

Our VISION is to change the way the world consumes botanical therapeutics.

Our MISSION is to produce natural health and wellness products including select botanical preparations and in-home technology for extraction and consumption of botanical therapeutics.

We are seeking distributors and sales partners.  If you would like to learn more please click the Contact Us button or scroll to the bottom of the page and provide your contact information.



A cannabinoid-infused Shea-butter “tip” bonded to an all-natural absorbent tampon used to assist in managing the pain and discomfort of dysmenorrhea.

The disintegrable carrier medium melts at body temperature releasing the microencapsulated cannabinoids which are subsequently absorbed by the mucosal tissues providing rapid uptake of the active phytotherapeutic agents.

Each Botamex™ tampon comes in a heat-sealed foil pack and there are five individual tampons per box.

Actual product may vary from image shown. This product is covered by the following patent: US 11,382,799



Post-operative CBD-infused dental cotton roll for use in conjunction with dental surgical procedures.  CannaDentix™ is comprised of two absorbent dental cotton rolls hermetically sealed in a foil pouch.   A proprietary phytotherapeutic formulation of tea blends, turmeric and flavored CBD-infused
MCT oil in a 3 ml syringe is included with each pouch providing 20 mg of CBD isolate per pack. There are three single use foil pouches in each box. One box
provides sufficient appliances for a single patient.

Actual product may vary from image shown. Patent Pending.


Protanex Gel Patch™ is a diisocyanate hydrogel sheet patch infused with CBD, botanicals and Aloe for burns and abrasions.

The patch can be refrigerated to enhance the "cooling" effect.

This product is perfect for sunburns, kitchen burns and minor abrasions, for example.

The patch has a releasably tacky surface that holds it in position on the skin.

Boxes come in three sizes:  Small, Medium and Large, and can be cut if needed.

Actual product may vary from image shown. Patent Pending.

NXtract New 2020.png


In-home botanical oil-infusion machine.

Utilizes an impeller-assisted lipid-extract separation technique to preserve the entire chemical profile of the prepared botanical, providing a higher-quality product with greater potency and higher extraction efficiency.

Virtually eliminates co-extraction of unwanted components such as chlorophyll, and ensures the aromatic, flavor and medicinal components are preserved in the exceptionally pure extracts.

NXtract™ produces potent infused oil at the push of a button.

Actual product may vary from image shown. Patent Pending.


Refreshment Reimagined™

In-home soda maker using FreakyPods™ polyjet nucleation mixing soda pods.

FreakyPods™ come in all your favorite flavors, with and without CBD, just snap in the pod; and press the button to dispense your refreshing soda.

The FizzyFreak™ will significantly increase the bioavailability of the micronized CBD.

This machine makes the consumption of CBD easy, convenient and fun!

Actual product may vary from image shown. Patent Pending.


Travel mug with ultrasonic cavitation mixing.

Pour your drink of choice into the cup, add your botanical extract, and press the mixer button.

The powerful hybrid high-shear rotary ultrasonicator creates nanometer-sized droplets in a perfect emulsion that increases the bioavailability of the oil extract.

Why not start your day on a High Note™?

Actual product may vary from image shown. Patent Pending.

Graffiti Wall


Hand-held on-demand heated concentrate dispenser.

Cannabis oil and wax concentrates are placed within the uniformly heated dispensing chamber.

Pressure is gently applied by squeezing the handles directing the concentrate through a 14 gauge

stainless steel cannula.

Dispensed material may be applied directly to vaporizing apparatus to facilitate consumption.

The BudderFly™ comes with a 120V, 60Hz, A.C. line-powered docking unit.

Actual product may vary from image shown. Patent Pending.

BudderFly New 2.jpg


Motorized table-top dry sift botanical extraction machine utilizing cryogenic impact separation.

The revolving dual-chamber drum sieve employs a 115 micron removable nylon mesh filter.

TumbleWeed™ mechanically sifts dried floral material or trim, stripping the resinous glands and refining the extract into a powder-like granulate.

Simply open the drum, place some botanical material in the inner chamber, add some crushed dry ice and start the motor.  The concentric outer drum assembly neatly aggregates the homogeneous extract for easy collection and clean-up.

Actual product may vary from image shown. Patent Pending.


The Ultimate Extreme Vaping Experience™

The world's first turbocharged handheld vaping/dabbing system. Utilizes a high-boost axial ducted turbofan to create a 66 LPM forced-air vortex in the vaporizer. Digital display and push-button controls for power (up to 80 Watts) and air flow.  Pressure relief wastegate guarantees safe operation. Includes high-capacity rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.  TurboDragon™ is the ultimate extreme vaping experience!

Actual product may vary from image shown. Patent Pending.



Transformative Technologies

Looking for next-generation technologies like nanotherapeutics, infused-hydrogels or Hemp Derived Cannabinoid Acetates (HDCAs)?  Contact us to learn more about our proprietary Delta-8 heterocyclic photocataytic process that can take your product portfolio to the next level.

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